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MIKRON THEATRE 18th August 2023

Mikron Theatre's new performance entitled " A Force to be Reckoned With", will again be at Bridge House alongside Lock 2 at 7.00 pm on Friday 18th August 2023.

The Society is joint sponsor of this annual evening entertainment.

With handbag, whistle and a key to the Police Box, WPC Iris Armstrong is ready for whatever the mean streets of a 1950s market town throws at her.

Fresh from police training school, she prepares for her first day on the beat. The reality is very different. Stuck at the station, she soon finds her main jobs are typing and making brews.

Iris joins forces with fellow WPC Ruby Roberts. They’re an unlikely partnership. A two-girl department, called to any case involving women and children, from troublesome teens to fraudulent fortune tellers.

What starts as ‘women’s work’ soon becomes a specialist role.

Iris finds she’s earning her place in a historic force to be reckoned with. Along the way, she discovers the Edwardian volunteers who came before her, a lineage of Suffragettes-turned-moral enforcers and the secrets that the police box hides.

In this arresting tale of law and order, join forces with Mikron as we investigate pioneering women in the police.

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